Stimulus provides a technology platform to help Diverse Communities and Organizations' max impact, brand equity and financial returns.

Our platform is a community of entrepreneurs, corporate and community leaders, activists, creatives, decision-makers and resource-providers. The people who are directly working to build the future with information through technology. The pro & con of the Internet is that there is so much information to consume. With so much content available, it’s easy to miss something that could be valuable to you.

This is how Stimulus is adding value - in addition to presenting opportunities that are available - we provide short and creative content to connect, share information and access knowledge to grow our community.

Our Solution

We provide access to our cloud-based platform with data, analysis and tools based current workflows, to help enterprises with award programs (ex. grants, sponsorships, MBE/WBE contracts) better discover, evaluate and manage relationships that will drive their mission forward.

We create activation programs that align brands more closely with the communities that will best advance their general business goals and specific diversity and inclusion missions.