Budweiser’s Made In America 2017 Festival 3-Day Activation

Philadelphia Activation with Roc Nation, ACLU and United Way Recap

Stimulus worked with ACLU, United Way and The Shawn Carter Foundation (Roc Nation) for the 2017 Budweiser’s Made In America Festival: Executing a 3-Day Activation.

The Stimulus team organized:
• (Pre-Festival) A Facebook Live event to discuss ACLU and United Way, receiving ticket proceeds from The Shawn Carter Foundation (Roc Nation) as well as how music and culture can contribute to criminal justice reform and early education.
o ACLU – Bill Cobb – Deputy Director
o United Way – Kevin Dow – SVP, Impact and Innovation
o Recording Artist – Shawn Smith
o Recording Artist – BriaMarie

• (During Festival) Our team with supporting partners: Collected data, interviewed attendees and celebrities on early education and criminal justice reform.

Goals: 3-day activation across Facebook Live and In-person including video interviews with attendees and celebrities to present programs available within The Shawn Carter Foundation, ACLU and United Way.

Activation Results:
• Over 100,000 Facebook Live viewers watched the executives of ACLU, United Way and local artists discuss their program impact and ways to help. (Combined pages of Made in America, ACLU, United Way and Stimulus).
• Over 100 volunteer sign-ups for ACLU, United Way, The Shawn Carter Foundation; distribution of marketing materials, digital content for website and social media.
• Example of attendees: Achieveability, Dreamville Foundation, Live Nation and Sprint as well thousands of individuals from across the United States.

Article Recap: https://yourstimulus.com/events/budweisers-made-in-america-2017-partnership/

Facebook Live Video Recap: https://youtu.be/YjeICCmlgio

During the Festival Video Recap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VwnBgHF04k

Press: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/59a9077be4b0c50640cd5e91