September 2017 #Connect2Resources Activation

September 27, 2017
Stimulus presents #Connect2Resources “Let’s Talk Product Donation” There’s nothing like receiving in-kind sponsorship for your event: including media, technology, beverages, alcohol, food, branded products and more. From event managers to non-profit leaders to entrepreneurs we all need in-kind resources for our events and programs – But figuring out which companies or local businesses will partner with you can be just as tricky as giving the perfect pitch.

Our Speakers:

Anzio Williams, VP of News – NBCUniversal – Discussing Media Sponsorship

Josh West, District Sales Manager – Coca Cola – Discussing Beverage Sponsorship

Damoin Smith, Brand Manager – Kiki Vodka – Discussing Alcohol Sponsorship

Scott Mirkin, President – ESM Productions – Discussing Event Sponsorship

Jen Denis, Chief Brand Officer – HoneyGrow – Discussing Food Sponsorship

Our Partners: Coca-Cola, WeWork, Quaker City Coffee, Switchboard Live, On Point Communications, Kiki Vodka, AT&T, Essentia Water, Score Philadelphia 

Event Recap:

Attendees: 100+ including corporations, nonprofits, city government and entrepreneurs.

Goal: Answered attendee questions on how to obtain: media, monetary, in-kind resources for events and programs.

Results: Over 85 event attendees signed up on the Stimulus database. We help to create relationships with large brands for their upcoming events and programs.

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Video Recap: